Sea of Stars



Sea of Stars is a role playing game and setting. It provides a place for game masters (GMs), players, and their Identities to frolic and play, murder and pillage, fly or die… well.. it gives them a loose structure to have fun with their imaginations.

Sea of Stars is a science fiction setting that takes place in the year 2250 AD or 647 GE for those from the greater galaxy. During this time, Humans have become part of the Galactic Republic of Civilizations. A government that spans about one third of our galaxy, the Milky Way. There is faster than light travel, there are other worlds, there are wonders, there are dangers… there is your imagination.

In Sea of Stars, you the player creates an Identity. What an Identity can do, how well he or she can do it, and how he or she interacts with others and the environment is described using numbers. These numbers are divided into different categories called Primary and Secondary Abilities, Qualities and Skills. These numbers are combined with dice rolls to determine if the Identity will succeed at any given task.

Abilities represent the base physical and mental traits of an Identity. Qualities represent exceptional deficits or bonuses such as mental illness or perfect memory. Skills represent the training that an Identity has received. The combination of these three categories is what makes an Identity unique.


Sea of Stars Light is out now!



The full version, Sea of Stars Galactic Role Playing, will be available during 2018. This version will have expanded Life Paths, more equipment, expanded combat rules, how to handle environmental dangers, and details on the galaxy at large.

We are diligently working on both versions. The layout and editing are coming along nicely. The artwork is also in good shape. So stay tuned for the exact release date and where you can get your copy.


Her are a few handy little web apps to make Identity creation and playing a little easier.