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Hello everyone. It has been an exhausting, terrifying, and infuriating couple of weeks for the tabletop RPG community. Like most of you we grew up playing D&D. We have been playing and running games since the mid 80s. 

At first we were stunned that Wizards of the Coast would actually, allegedly propose something as onerous as the OGL 1.1 that leaked. We were stunned and stared on with disbelief. That disbelief turned into anger. Now that anger has turned into action.

We are a very small company, but have decided to follow in the steps of larger companies like Paizo. Toy Rocket Games will be looking into either joining the Open RPG Creative License or developing our own open creative gaming license that would allow the community to make royalty free third party content perpetually. It will be irrevocable.

To begin our support of open gamin, we will be creating and releasing a system resource document. This document will be setting agnostic and have all the basic information to create identities and run games. We hope to have this document ready during the second quarter of 2023.

We hope that you are all well. Take a break if you need. Drink water. Also, don’t forget that Wizards of the Coast does not control our community and hobby.

Be well.

Links on the state of the OGL 1.0a


Leaving DriveThruRPG

Toy Rocket Games will no longer be selling books at DriveThruRPG. We felt like it wasn’t a good fit for us at the current time. Do not fret! We have begun selling 4952 Delta at

For print versions of our books, we have a local printer that has done a fabulous job with our books. We are still trying to find the best way to sell and deliver our printed books. We will update everyone as soon as we know.

118 – 441 GE

4952 Delta Introductory Adventure


We seem to have let the dust collect a bit here. Sorry about that. We are still around and still crafting worlds for you to play in.

4952 Delta, the introductory adventure that we have been running at conventions is now out in digital format. You can pick up your copy at It includes 6 pregenerated Identities, a condensed rule set, and everything you need to GM or play the adventure in one book.

We are currently finalizing the print version so stay tuned if you prefer hard copies if your RPG books.

Have fun! Play more!

Product Link: 4952 Delta A Sea of Stars Adventure

Role Playing Games Are About Inclusion

 When we sit down to a table with our books, dice, paper, and pencils, we are treated to a world and time where we can be someone else. Most parties are mix of races or species from different backgrounds and homelands. Our fictional characters work together for a common goal and hardly do party members question each others abilities based on what they look like, or their backstory. Because of this I have found the gaming tables I have played at and hosted to be paragons of inclusivity; well at least in the fantastical realm.

The inclusion shouldn’t stop when the session or game is over. Here in the US, and other countries, June is Pride Month. This month we raise awareness of the contributions LGBTQ+ people have made to our world. We also acknowledge the plight they have suffered trying to secure the same rights and recognition we all should have. So at your table, don’t shun a player who may be something other than cis-gendered. Extend the well known inclusion of the fantasy world to the real world. Encourage everyone to play regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, orientation, or gender fluidity. Together we can all be heroes.

Aron Zell
Toy Rocket Games