Sea of Stars


Sea of Stars is a role playing game and setting. It provides a place for game masters (GMs), players, and their Identities to frolic and play, murder and pillage, fly or die… well.. it gives them a loose structure to have fun with their imaginations.

Sea of Stars is a science fiction setting that takes place in the year 2250 AD or 647 GE for those from the greater galaxy. During this time, Humans have become part of the Galactic Republic of Civilizations. A government that spans about one third of our galaxy, the Milky Way. There is faster than light travel, there are other worlds, there are wonders, there are dangers… there is your imagination.

In Sea of Stars, you the player creates an Identity. What an Identity can do, how well he or she can do it, and how he or she interacts with others and the environment is described using numbers. These numbers are divided into different categories called Primary and Secondary Abilities, Qualities and Skills. These numbers are combined with dice rolls to determine if the Identity will succeed at any given task.

Abilities represent the base physical and mental traits of an Identity. Qualities represent exceptional deficits or bonuses such as mental illness or perfect memory. Skills represent the training that an Identity has received. The combination of these three categories is what makes an Identity unique.

The Books

4952 Delta A Sea of Stars Adventure

The digital version is available on!

“Doors! Doors? Why are there doors here?”

On an unexplored world in uncharted space, sits a pair of large doors surrounded by sand. What mystery do they hide? Who could have built them on this planet with no indigenous people? Do you have what it takes to find out? To survive?

4952 Delta is a stand alone adventure within the “Sea of Stars” setting. Mystery, intrigue, and excitement await a group of 4 to 6 players. This module includes the rules needed to play in addition to 6 pregenerated characters.

This is all leading up to…

Sea of Stars Galactic Role Playing

Pirates, smugglers, mercs and… politicians!

13 million million cubic light years, 1/3 of the galaxy, seven races, no major military conflicts, and still we find ways to fight. The Galactic Republic of Civilizations tries its best to keep all of us in line, but someone always wants what someone else has. Whether it is data, power, or just plain currency. Those who have what other’s crave fight just as hard to keep it. Even the GRC isn’t blameless; nor the Core governments or the Fringe.

This is the full book. It includes 7 races, over 60 life paths to choose from during Identity generation, more equipment, expanded combat rules, how to handle environmental dangers, and details on the galaxy at large.

Currently we are finishing up a play test version to take to conventions, game stores, and possibly to your gaming table.


Peace is relative. Conflict is constant.

Your course will be choppy in this Sea of Stars.


As we have play tested Sea of Stars we have created a few handy tools to help the GM and the players.