Starchaser Express

Aron, our main story teller here at Toy Rocket Games, has opened his own Patreon. Starchaser Express has monthly scenarios, adventures, equipment, and background information for your next session. Aron, has dropped quite a few Sea of Stars resources already. Membership is only $5 a month. So go ahead and take a look at what’s being created.

Role Playing Games Are About Inclusion

 When we sit down to a table with our books, dice, paper, and pencils, we are treated to a world and time where we can be someone else. Most parties are mix of races or species from different backgrounds and homelands. Our fictional characters work together for a common goal and hardly do party members question each others abilities based on what they look like, or their backstory. Because of this I have found the gaming tables I have played at and hosted to be paragons of inclusivity; well at least in the fantastical realm.

The inclusion shouldn’t stop when the session or game is over. Here in the US, and other countries, June is Pride Month. This month we raise awareness of the contributions LGBTQ+ people have made to our world. We also acknowledge the plight they have suffered trying to secure the same rights and recognition we all should have. So at your table, don’t shun a player who may be something other than cis-gendered. Extend the well known inclusion of the fantasy world to the real world. Encourage everyone to play regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, orientation, or gender fluidity. Together we can all be heroes.

Aron Zell
Toy Rocket Games

Back in business…

… almost.

So a month ago we tried to renew our old domain In the time we have learned that sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. Due to a non-responsive domain registrar we have decided to abandon the original domain and choose a new one. We are now at…

If you look around you can see our old pages and post are missing. We are still investigating to see if we can them back, but it is doubtful. But hey, new domain, still most of a new year to go so who knows? This could be the change we needed.

Fly safe,

Aron Zell
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