Open Gaming & Toy Rocket Games

Hello everyone. It has been an exhausting, terrifying, and infuriating couple of weeks for the tabletop RPG community. Like most of you we grew up playing D&D. We have been playing and running games since the mid 80s. 

At first we were stunned that Wizards of the Coast would actually, allegedly propose something as onerous as the OGL 1.1 that leaked. We were stunned and stared on with disbelief. That disbelief turned into anger. Now that anger has turned into action.

We are a very small company, but have decided to follow in the steps of larger companies like Paizo. Toy Rocket Games will be looking into either joining the Open RPG Creative License or developing our own open creative gaming license that would allow the community to make royalty free third party content perpetually. It will be irrevocable.

To begin our support of open gamin, we will be creating and releasing a system resource document. This document will be setting agnostic and have all the basic information to create identities and run games. We hope to have this document ready during the second quarter of 2023.

We hope that you are all well. Take a break if you need. Drink water. Also, don’t forget that Wizards of the Coast does not control our community and hobby.

Be well.

Links on the state of the OGL 1.0a